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Lifestyle Changes

Significant lifestyle changes are required when one’s health is at risk. Rakhi Beekrum works with relevant health-professionals to assist with the following:

Weight Loss

A good diet and exercise plan is often unhelpful if there isn’t significant motivation to lose weight. People sometimes eat for emotional reasons and require assistance with changing thought patterns to assist with weight loss. This treatment programme is meant to complement a diet and exercise plan for effective lifestyle changes required for weight loss.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking can lead to many serious health consequences. Because it becomes habitual, many find it difficult to quit, or fail at their attempts. The smoking cessation programme is a practical, step-by-step treatment, which aims at changing thought patterns, increasing motivation and making necessary lifestyle changes to assist quitting and staying quit.

Stress Management

Even though stress is inevitable and necessary in life, too much of stress can overwhelm a person, negatively impacting on their physical and mental health. When stress levels are too high, it is important to restore balance to avoid serious consequences. To manage stress, changes are required in one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Adherence Counselling

Many people do not understand the implications of not adhering to medical treatment. Adherence counselling assists with helping you understand your diagnosis, the consequences of non-adherence, the benefits of adherence and focuses on your specific concerns regarding the treatment. This is available for individuals with a range of diagnoses, such as diabetes, HIV, hypertension, etc.